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About Us

The idea for JaCogLaw was born in a prison cell at the Centro Penitenciario Malaga, better known locally simply as Alhaurin because of the fact that the prison is situated at Ahaurin de la Torre on the outskirts of Malaga city.

Jason was remanded there in December 2010 wrongly accused of an extortion by a notorious Costa conman who had the misfortune to inadvertently rob Jason’s mother via a well worn timeshare scam and then compounded his situation by panicking and filing a denuncia (police complaint) against Jason in a misguided effort to discourage Jason pursuing the debt.

In Jason’s own bitter experience the court system was not only painfully slow but also inherently unfair to foreign nationals who in most cases do not even speak Spanish. Moreover, the lawyers appointed to ‘represent’ individuals accused of a crime by the state were severely underpaid, overworked and by necessary consequence totally demotivated.

Furthermore, lawyers that people had retained on a private fee paying basis – which is the only realistic way in which anyone can hope to enjoy their right of access to justice (as guaranteed under both the Spanish constitution and Article 6 of the European Convention) – were on the whole lazy, incompetent and unregulated. Nevertheless, when it came to demanding their over inflated fees on a rolling ad hoc basis these individuals were second to none.

Jason knew from a long previous experience in the UK, albeit on the wrong side of the law, that their quite simply had to be a better way and the idea for JaCogLaw was born.

When Jason discussed his ideas with his peers on Modulo 5 at Alhaurin their response was, to say the least, positive. It seemed like a no brainer and ‘all’ that was required was the drive and determination to firstly get himself released and then follow the idea through from concept to reality and surely the business would become a success.

With a lot of hard work and perseverance that has now proven to be the case and in January 2014 JaCogLaw – with over fifty successful client cases behind it – has opened its doors for business in Thailand with further plans for offices in the UAE and several other locations around Europe and the rest of the world.

JaCogLaw has also enjoyed several well received national and international newspaper articles written during the past two years. The articles were so well received that it led to several British television companies bidding for the opportunity to make a documentary film about Jason and JaCogLaw which manifested in a deal with London based division of the biggest independent documentary film makers in the world, Vice.

Vice are currently producing a series of films which include Jason and JaCogLaw’s activities in Spain and Thailand and working with one of the big four British television channels to produce the series for release on television in the UK.

Jason’s Comment

May I start by saying a personal thank you to all of my clients both past and present for your business and continued support.

Also I must mention all of the JaCogLaw staff and our esteemed colleagues from the venerated law firms that we work with across the world because without all of you guys the success and expansion of the company would not exist.

My two new business partners at JaCogLaw, Alec Craig and Hughie Stanley, are both an immense asset to the business and I equally recognise their huge input.

From a personal standpoint my life has never been going so well and I attribute much of that to the way in which my business has developed from an idea to an internationally acclaimed and globally recognised company.

Therefore to all of the above a combined and massive thank you and may we all continue to enjoy the same success in the future as JaCogLaw continues to go from strength to strength!