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EWN January 2016

January 25, 2016

JaCogLaw releases statement regarding Simon Corner

After initially being contacted through our office in Thailand JaCogLaw agreed to act on behalf of Simon Corner who averred his innocence of any wrong doing regarding the fact that his friend, Lisa Brown, was missing. For clarity
and the avoidance of any doubt we at JaCogLaw had no reason not to believe Simon then and that position remains the same.

Nevertheless after assisting Simon and helping to facilitate his return to Spain in order to clear his name alas there now exists irreconcilable differences between Simon and JaCogLaw. Therefore we are no longer instructed by Mr.Corner and cannot assist the press or anybody else in relation to this matter.

We are all hoping that Lisa turns up safe and sound and returns to her son and her beloved family.


Saturday 23 February 2016