Jacoglaw Spanish to English Criminal Legal Services

Opportunity to Invest into JaCogLaw

JaCogLaw will open its doors for business in Karachi, Pakistan in February 2016 and there is further opportunity for investors to buy into the JaCogLaw family in Islamabad, Lahore and beyond.

The next ports of call will be heading north and in to Dubai and then Abu Dhabi…there are plenty of opportunities for investment in this unique business, nevertheless, don’t waste time in contacting us here at JaCogLaw and allow me to tell you what we have got in mind insofar as investment opportunity goes.

In the far east JaCogLaw already operates very successfully in Bangkok, Thailand and is in the process of opening two more offices in Pataya and Phuket both of which will be owned by private business men and women who operate under the JaCogLaw flag receiving continued support and enjoying the benefit of the current massive press attention which the firm always receives.

From February 2016, when the Vice documentary film is released worldwide, all of the franchised JaCogLaw offices are sure to receive a surge in business on the back of this already hugely anticipated film about Jason Coghlan and JaCogLaw.

Jason Coghlan’s role at JaCogLaw henceforth will be the namesake and Public Relations Director of the business. Jason has already agreed several television deals both with UK television companies and Thai, Pakistani and USA media producers.

Therefore the more exposure Jason enjoys by necessary and happy implication the more exposure JaCogLaw will equally enjoy. So why wait – contact us now and discuss your option to buy into this unique, exciting and interesting business.