Jacoglaw Spanish to English Criminal Legal Services

Rapid Bail

JaCogLaw are standing-by ready for action 24 hours per day 365 days of the year from Marbella to Bangkok. This means that we can and will swing in to action day or night at the drop of a hat to provide a lawyer to clients that find themselves in trouble with the law.
Due to the fact that we are able to dispatch lawyers to clients in custody at the very earliest opportunity we are able to prepare for the first appearance at court –usually within 48 hours of arrest- and present the Judge with all of the necessary prerequisites for bail already in place, thus affording our clients the best possible opportunity to be released pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation or prosecution.

Furthermore, we understand what a Judge will expect to see and the obligations they will insist upon having been fulfilled in order to allow the release of a person in what ever circumstances exist at that time vis-á-vis the allegations being made by the police.

The presentation of a successful application for bail will rely upon a multitude of boxes having been ticked or objections having been dealt with before they ever arise. One might consider a Judge with a raised hand in a STOP gesture with all of the fingers extended and those fingers representing objections that are likely to arise during the course of the bail hearing.

Here at JaCogLaw we will knock down each of those fingers on the learned Judges hand one at a time by dispelling their concerns and having such objections covered in our application, for example a proof of residence or a cash surety to name but two, and when all of the objections are gone we are shown an empty palm indicating our way out with our client on their way home…