Jacoglaw Spanish to English Criminal Legal Services


Criminal Defence Practice

JaCogLaw work with a panel of expert criminal defence lawyers who are capable of providing the highest standard of representation to anyone accused of a criminal offence in Spain. A comprehensive list of our services within the criminal legal arena is provided below:
24 Hours per day

We have 24 hour access to capable reliable lawyers that will present themselves at a police station if and when instructed by JaCogLaw

Bail Applications

Our lawyers will be in an early advantageous position to properly defend our clients and secure release on bail by the Instruction Judge in appropriate circumstances

Extradition Proceedings

Whether our clients are being extradited to or from Spain we will provide access to the very best lawyers that will either challenge the application for extradition or ensure that it is carried out as expeditiously as possible depending upon the wishes of our clients

Serious Crime Division

For very serious or capital offence allegations JaCogLaw retain lawyers that are specialists in their individual field of expertise and second to none

Fraud Department

Allegations of fraud are often very complex and lengthy prosecutions with ever increasing penalties at stake for convictions which is why we employ the service of individual experienced case managers for every single fraud case

Appeals Office

We are proud to employ the services of legal executives and lawyers that specialise in this very niche area of the law

Domestic Violence Cases

There are currently more outstanding domestic violent cases in Spain than in any other European country and at JaCogLaw we understand that might be more to do with current legislation than actual abuse but in any event we work with experts in well respected rehabilitation centres

Prison Law Experts

JaCogLaw can help with all and any requirements to do with prison legal issues, including applications for third grade, prison transfers, repatriation to country of origin to name but some of our services

Civil Legal Department

JaCogLaw have a partnership with the civil legal department of the venerated Marbella based law firm, Lawbird, who cannot be matched for commitment, service and expertise. Antonio Flores is a formidable lawyer and was once described by a Supreme Court Judge as having the “face of a movie star with the tenacity of a pit bull terrier” when her Ladyship awarded the judgment in his favour.

Confiscation Orders

Here at JaCogLaw we believe in the age old proposition that a mans home is his castle and with us defending it our clients homes are as well fortified as any castle. The modern policing methods are to attack ‘suspected wrong doers’ (it is hugely significant that the laws have been changed to allow ‘suspected’ people as opposed to convicted people to be subject to confiscation orders – and equally disgraceful) through their financial assets; introducing the Assets Recovery Agency. We employ ex ARA financial investigators to perform sections of our rebuttal of any such orders against our clients. Moreover, our forensic accountants are the very best in the business and we have not lost one single case that we have defended.

Debt Recovery

JaCogLaw does not have a merely impressive record at debt recovery – we have a 100% success rate!  Our methods are tried and tested and our hit rate speaks for itself. We invoke, inter alia, the British style of pre-action protocol and encourage our opponents to get to the negotiation table through properly applied pressure. Our unique style of dispute resolution and long refined skills aimed at the heart of debtors are persuasive and always ultimately successful. We accept instructions on a ‘no win no fee’ (which does not include disbursements and costs – we don’t pay to work) basis and every case is assessed on its own individual merit.

Championing Consumers rights

JaCogLaw working in conjunction with Lawbird will solve all and any civil law matters that our clients are confronted with here in Spain. Antonio Flores is a well respected lawyer when it comes to championing consumers rights and whether he be suing the international banks or defending an individual land owners property rights he is a formidable opponent…thankfully he’s on our side!