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The Times December 2015

December 23, 2015

The boyfriend of a missing Scottish mother will not speak again with police unless they issue a warrant for his arrest, his legal representative has revealed.

It has emerged that Simon Corner, who left Spain following the disappearance of Lisa Brown, is now in Thailand.

Last night the sister of the missing woman urged Mr Corner to come forward and cooperate with officers who are searching for the Scot.

However, a spokesman for the yacht salesman insisted he had nothing to do with her disappearance and is “unable to assist the police”.

Ms Brown, 32, originally from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, was last seen on November 4 at her home in San Roque, near the Spanish border with Gibraltar.

The alarm was raised when she did not pick up Marco, her eight-year-old son, from school.

Mr Corner, who is from Liverpool, reported her missing and gave a statement to police. He then left the country and his whereabouts remained unknown until he made contact with a legal firm in Thailand at the weekend.

Jason Coghlan, the founder of law company JaCogLaw, which has offices in Bangkok and Malaga, confirmed Mr Corner had no intention of answering further questions from the Spanish authorities.

He said: “He assured us that he had attended at the police (Guardia Civil) under his own volition to provide a witness statement prior to his departure from Spain.

“Beyond the information that he provided he is unable to assist the police further.

“Mr Corner is very concerned that he is being lambasted in the press through barely veiled accusations that he is directly responsible for Lisa’s disappearance.”

Mr Coghlan, who describes himself as an “ex-villain done good”, confirmed his client would not speak to the authorities unless he was compelled to, stating:
“I cannot, in all good conscience, advise a client to abandon his international business activities solely for the purpose of making himself available to make a repetition of the statement he made earlier.
“If, however, the police issue an arrest warrant or make a formal request for him to attend my advice will be for him to return to Spain and cooperate fully.”

He added: “Lisa’s family have my personal sympathy.”

Helen Jordan, Ms Brown’s sister, urged Mr Corner to reconsider. She said: “We want him to come forward and speak to the police.

“We need answers.”

Ms Jordan revealed they were putting the festive season on hold, stating: “Christmas is going to be a very quiet day for the family.

“There will be celebrations. We don’t have anything to celebrate at the moment. We are praying that somebody will come forward and give us information as to where Lisa is.”

She added: “Until we know any different we are still hoping that Lisa will be found alive and well.”

Mr Corner had been living on a yacht, Rosa of London, in Alcaidesa marina in the border town of La Linea.

Port workers said that the missing woman often sunbathed on Mr Corner’s boat, but that there had been sign of either of them for since the beginning of November.

The Scot had worked for gaming firm Ladbrokes on Gibraltar, but had been due to start a new job with Bet364, the online gambling company.

Her son is being looked after by his father. A spokesman for the Spanish police said: “Our investigation into Lisa Brown’s disappearance remains open and all avenues are being explored.”

Article from The Times, 22nd December, 2015